Member Categories:


1. Member Status/Full Member

Applicants who satisfy eligibility requirements listed from 1 through 5 are eligible for Member status. Agencies with Member status have the right of voice and vote. Staff of agencies with Member status may be elected to serve on any CCC committee.

2. Associate Status/Associate Member

Applicants who satisfy eligibility requirements listed from 2 through 5 are eligible for Associate status. Agencies with Associate status have the right of voice only. Staff of agencies with Associate status may be chosen to serve on CCC Sub or Ad Hoc Committees. Agencies eligible to be a Member may not choose Associate status instead of Member status.




1. Documented Status 

As a non-profit, non-governmental Organization (only for Member status).

2. Objective 

Holding as primary objective development and humanitarian assistance, rather than promoting political or religious aims. (In case of doubt or contention regarding the activities of an Organization, CCC has the right to ask for - and to follow up – references)

3. Representation or Accredited Office

Applicants should have an accredited office in Cambodia with the representative resident in Cambodia, or they should have staff resident in Cambodia that are explicitly authorized to represent the Organization, and who are able to participate in the activities of the CCC.

4. Program

Applicants should be operating on-going programs in Cambodia, or supporting programs and/or NGOs/local initiatives in Cambodia, technically and or financially, which have a primary objective to provide assistance beneficial to the Cambodian people in this country, for a minimum of at least one year prior to applying for CCC membership.

5. Specific documentation is required which demonstrates that the above requirements have been met. The necessary documentation is defined.

6. After joining the CCC, Members or Associates have to inform the CCC in writing, and provide the necessary documentation, about any change in status and /or charter, both in Cambodia as well as, in the case of international NGOs, changes within the international organization. 7- The CCC Executive Committee or Membership Committee can raise questions on or review an Organization’s Membership status on the basis of information provided by the Organization or on the basis of any other information it obtains.


Application Form:


Application documents required include:

  1. A letter stating the Organization’s desire to join the CCC must be submitted to the CCC Executive Director;
  2. The application form will include the name of the Organization and the names of the designated representative and alternate to attend CCC meeting;
  3. A statement for signing that pledges the Organization to adhere to the principles of the CCC as in the CCC Charter;
  4. A statement for signing that pledges the Organization to participate regularly by presence or by proxy in the general meetings of the CCC;
  5. A Statement for signing indicating the Organization understands that Membership fee is to be paid in full upon entry into the CCC;
  6. Legal registration documents (from the country in which the main office is registered), which confirm the non-profit, non-governmental status of the Organization as a whole (for applicants to be a Member);
  7. A description of the Organization including philosophy and mandate, funding sources/procedures, a copy of the Organization charter and any printed promotional material used by the agency’s headquarters;
  8. A description of the Organization’s program in Cambodia with project information including goals objectives, intended beneficiaries and the current annual operating budget.




Membership Fee:


Annual CCC membership is calculated at 0.00225 multiplied by the organization's annual budget in Cambodia. In addition to this, candidates for membership are charged a fee of $50 for the two months for which they are Observers.


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2. Pledge Form English

3. CCC Member Benefit Grid Khmer | English