CCC is a unique clearinghouse for correspondence and contact with local groups, and provides over 400 NGO mailboxes at the CCC office. The mailboxes are provided to facilitate communication among the development community in Cambodia


Why Do I Need a CCC Mailbox?

  • Receive up-to-date information from the NGO community such research findings, learning materials, new publications, course announcements and more
  • Distribute your organization's reports and newsletters to NGOs throughout Cambodia


How to Open a CCC NGO Mailbox

All CCC members receive a mailbox as part of their membership.

Other organizations must submit a mail box request form and agree to the following conditions: -

  1. Provide a copy of official registration or MOU with the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC): Council of Ministers (COM), Ministry of Interior (MOI) or Ministry of Foreign;
  2. Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFA/IC);
  3. Make available information as requested by CCC, such as personnel and telephone list, NGO location map;
  4. Acknowledge that the purpose of using the mail box is to facilitate communication among and between the development community in Cambodia and agree to use the mailboxes for this purpose only;
  5. Annual service fee of $10 (January - December);

Note: CCC has the right to close the mail box if the mail/information is not collected within two months


CCC NGO Mailbox Regulations

Please note that the CCC NGO Mailboxes are for the use of CCC members and local and international NGOS to assist in information exchange. All visitors who would like to put advertising materials into any mailbox must first report to CCC reception. Please note that advertising materials for products and services not directly related to these groups is strictly forbidden and will be removed by CCC.


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