CSO Leaders Meeting“Roadmap and Post LANGO Consultation


 Phnom Penh -28 August 2015 : Around 60 participants from the leaders and senior management team of civil society organizations, associations, unions and development partners to participate in the consultation.

The consultation intends to express perspectives from civil society in reaction to the recent development of the Draft Law on Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations (LANGO). The consultation aims at collecting inputs from CSOs and other stakeholders on LANGO prior to  LANGO implementation. The expected results are to produce concrete strategy and action plan for suppoting CSOs/CBOs who are going to effect by the LANGO.

The objectives of this consultation as follows:

  1. To build awareness of the process, contents and implication of LANGO to CSOs and community;
  2. To discuss and collect inputs from CSOs in respond to any potential risks  of LANGO implementation that could impact CSOs and community and;
  3. To identify the needs of CSOs and prioritize actions to execute in responding to LANGO and other policy development trends.