The 9th Certified NGO Forum on “CSO Good Governance and Financing for Development” 10 September 2015Phnom Penh, 10 September 2015: Around  100 - 120 participants from the CNGOs, GPP Applicant NGOs, development partners and private sectors joined The 9th Certified NGO Forum on “CSO Good Governance and Financing for Development” which held at Diakonia Center.

The GPP Certified NGOs (CNGOs) play a vital role model to contribute to promote good governance, accountability, transparency and professional practices in compliance with the GPP Standards and VCS’s requirement to NGO community. The certification and practices are beneficial, in return, transferred to the target community, donors, the government and beneficiaries. In order to support CNGO to maintain their compliance against the GPP Standards and VCS requirement and to prepare themselves for the global development movements, the NGO GPP conducted the CNGO Forum since 2010 until today. With this effort, the forum have been conducted every year, covering different themes which allowed the CNGOs to share, discuss and exchange best practices and development movement both locally and globally. The eighth certified CNGO forum was successfully conducted on 10 June 2014,  and the ninth forum will be held on 10 September 2015. B. Brief Overview of the Key Topics of the Forum:

The 9th CNGO forum  inspired the discussion around three important topics:

1. Global Reference Standards for CSO Accountability: is a new global civil society movement initiated and will be implemented by nine civil society networks from across the globe to work together to strengthen civil society actors through a concerted effort in improved accountability. They aim to improve their accountability by enhancing their dialogue with the people they serve, improving and simplifying accountability practices and protocols and communicating effectively the values and benefits of a global partnership of civil society organizations.

2. Financing for Development and Financial Sustainability for CSOs: Since Cambodia is graduating from the lowest income country to the low middle-income country, the development finance and official development assistance landscape will be modified. While demands on CSOs services remain high, CSOs in Cambodia experienced the shortage of both technical and financial support. Thus, it is important to discuss among development stakeholders on how to promote financial sustainability for CSOs particularly to prepare
them to effectively participate in the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

3. Complaint Mechanism for CNGO: The Complaint Mechanisms for CNGOs is currently under the  evelopment process by NGOGPP and will be adopted by NCCC in the short run. This will be used as a tool to enable all constructive complaints/feedbacks against CNGOs to be lodged and dealt fairly and professionally.